[Linked] Blade #1 from 1997

Blade 1 from 1997 is now in CP.

Currently CLZ has this as issue 1 for the 1998 series, but its actually totally different. Its a reprint of ToD #10 (1st app and origin of Blade) and was a 1997 sdcc promo giveaway. As such we gave it a separate standalone series and put the 1st day of 1997 SDCC as the release date.

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This has been linked and corrected, thank you!

It is not a reprint of ToD #10. It is a reprint of ToD #52/53 with some new dialogue.

Thanks for the information. I admittedly do not own the book but when researching it I recall several sources saying it was a reprint of the the origin of Blade - which led me to ToD #10. I see on the Marvel Wikia that it says it reprints ToD #53.

You mentioned ToD 52. Do you own the book and can confirm it has content from both 52 and 53? Was there some sort of Blade origin recap in this Blade 1997 reprint?

Appreciate any additional information you have. Thanks!

Yes, I was lucky enough to be at SDCC that year. The first two pages are from #52 with some new dialogue on the second page. The rest is #53. Behind the front cover is an editorial from Stan Lee. The last page is Blade’s entry from The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. There is a small two panel recap of his origin from the story in ToD #53

That’s awesome. Thanks for the additional information. The origin info must have been a reference to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.