[Linked] Comics Not Linked to CovrPrice

I found these books in my collection that aren’t linked to CovrPrice. They’re linked to CLZ Core (I also, unlinked and relinked them to be sure). There are FMV for the books on CovrPrice as well.

Silver Surfer: Ghost Light #5D CLZ Comics ID 1003323

The Department of Truth #12AQ CLZ Comics ID 793348

These comics have now been linked to CovrPrice. You can get these values in by “Update Values”. Thanks for reporting.


Thank you Taco!
As I find more, can I add them to this thread? If that’s ok, then here are two Power Girl comics:

Power Girl, Vol. 3 #1K CLZ Comics ID 997859

Power Girl, Vol. 3 #1J CLZ Comics ID 997856

The Power Girls have been linked now too.

I think it is best to create new topics for future reports. That makes it a bit easier for us to keep track of what has been processed or not.