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Here are some additional unlinked books:

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  • Savage Dragon, Vol. 2, 1/2A: Linked
  • Snake Eyes Deadgame, 1A: Linked
  • Daredevil, Vol. 1, 1C: Linked
  • Gen 13, Vol. 2 (1995-2002), 13E: Linked
  • Miss Fury, Vol. 2, 1B: Linked
  • Space War, 24: Linked
  • Supergirl, Vol. 7, 23C: Covrprice doesn’t have the DC Boutique edition. Your link goes to the regular foil which is linked correctly
  • Non-Stop Spider-Man, 1I: Linked
  • Killing Red Sonja, 1R: Linked
  • Black Panther, Vol. 8, 1R: Linked
  • Die!Namite Lives!, 1W: Linked
  • Elektra, Vol. 1, 100F: Linked
  • All Time Sports, 7: Linked
  • Street Fighter 6, 1E: Linked
  • Robotech (Titan Books), 1RE: Duplicate entry: Fixed
  • Street Fighter Swimsuit Special: 2023, 1M: Linked
  • Street Fighter Swimsuit Special: 2023, 1Q: Linked
  • The Many Worlds of Tesla Strong, 1A: Linked
  • Tales From Wonderland: Alice, 1A: Linked
  • Red Sonja, Vol. 1 (Dynamite Entertainment), 13E: Linked
  • Alice Never After, 1H: Linked
  • Patriotika, 3F: Linked
  • The Sensational She-Hulk, Vol. 2, 1O: Linked
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Thank you @CLZ_Justin! You have me questioning which version I have now of Supergirl :joy: I’ll have to pull it and double-check!

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