[Linked] X or Swords: Creation - Peach Momoko Virgin and sketch covers mislinked

It seems like the virgin cover is mislabeled as a sketch virgin cover (it’s just the a virgin variant of the trade dress cover) and is linked to the Covrprice entry for the sketch cover.

The sketch cover in CLZ is unlinked.

Relevant links:
Momoko trade dress: X Of Swords: Creation #1 - Peach Momoko - CovrPrice

Momoko virgin: https://covrprice.com/issue/x-of-swords-creation-1-peach-momoko-virgin/?current_page=1

Momoko sketch:

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Hi, this is linked correctly on our end. It’s also correct in Core, I have however fixed the order it shows up in (Variant letter). Can you try updating from from? If that doesn’t work, please try re-adding the comic in question. Please let me know if you’re still stuck after that :blush:

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Thanks! Looks like this was the problem. There was no way for me to relink the sketch (it shows as not having any variants) so I had to add a new copy. The new addition is now variant 1R instead of 1U.

I was able to relink the virgin cover it displayed correctly as 1Q but on the relink screen it was linked to 1R (the sketch variant) so it makes sense now.

Weird so how does this happen? And is there a way to avoid it or know that it’s even happening?

Thanks for the fix!

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Without knowing exactly how you added it, with which variant, what it looked like then… and then what you saq in the re-link screen, it might be hard to find out “why” it happened - but if it does happen again, please take screenshots and tag me in your message so I can take a look. Thank you!

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