Linking doesn't always work

Hi there! I am using the web-based linking, but when I select series and the correct series to link, nothing happens on the website. It doesn’t fill in the issues to link against. Do I need to remove these comics and re-add them?

I took the liberty and checked your CLZ Cloud, but I see quite a few unlinked comics there. Is this happening for a particular series on your side? (which one for example? So I can try in your database?)

Could you show me with a screenshot?

Lastly: did it ever work for you? (I noticed you said “Linking doesn’t always work” so I’m assuming it worked for a couple series?)

Here’s an example. I recently asked for an edit to the Bone: Special B&W One Volume Edition in the missing comics section. I can add a new comic to CLZ and that issue shows up. However, if I use the linking section (which is my preference), I go to:

But when I go to either select series or select issue, the second page that shows up is:

If I click the little drop-down arrow to properly link the series, nothing appears. That little “caret” switches up and down, but I can never see the actual issues to link against, and can therefor not link this book against a book that’s definitely in the database.

Thanks for those screenshots.

If you select “Select Series” the buttons to the right of the series will be blue and say “Link” - those seem to work in your Link screen.

However, when clicking “Select issue”, the “dropdown” buttons don’t seem to work if the issue number you’re looking for is -999 I noticed. Looking into that now.

For series with a positive issue number the “Select issue” does seem to work.

I’ll get back to you.

@jgrn307 we’ve just fixed the problem where you’re not able to select an issue. Can you give it another go and let me know if it works for you now?