Linking to Cloud Page of my Books

When I press look at books in the cloud, I see a very nice page. If I copy that link and place it in an HTML personal page, if I follow the same link, I get the page with no books. Is there a way to let others see my books in the cloud?

I went to your CLZ Cloud link:

And I see 2,586 books.

Maybe you have a search or filter active?

Upon an hour of investigation I’d have found the issue, but not the solution. The link works in emails, FB messages, but not as html links.

Where can we check out one of your “html links” to also see this problem on our screens?

If you click the link CLZ Alwin posted, does it work for you?

Problem solved, but let me elaborate for your problem database. I use Coffee Cup Editor to create and maintain my web pages. It has a “show it in your browser” feature. It does not show the cloud page properly. However, I have loaded that page to my host site, and it works properly. The issue is the Coffee Cup HTML Editor. You can look for yourself at [Rob’s very small website](https://

I went to and clicked the button under " Listings of Books I have Read" and it worked without problems.