Links visible in List View

Is it maybe possible to get Links visible in List Views?
Given that i have not overseen it, it is not possible to choose Links as visible column in List view.

I have a lot of old Entries with Links (i.e to Amazon) which where created by Music Collector automatically in some older Versions.
I do not need them and would llike to get rid of them. But i can not see which Albums have a Link given and which do not have on.

I’m afraid the links tab is not available in Edit Multiple, nor can the field “Links” be set as a column (because it would become a very strange column with very long values that would never fit - and just to use it to find out if something is in there is not enough reason to have it available as a column I feel.

If you really must remove them now, I recommend just going through all of them. Using the “next” button to go through your albums to find out if they have an Amazon link should be fastest.

Or, just remove them anytime you spot one (because you don’t see them in the list anyway, so just remove them whenever is just fine too).

Hi AJ,

thanks for the quick answer.

I understand your point not implementing Links in List view for just checking if there is an entry or not.

Removing the Links is not THAT crucial for me, it is more just to keep my collection “tidy” the way i like to have it.

Using Next in Edit Screen to go through nearly all Albums is not feasable for me, as my collection is too huge for that.

So i will remove the Links whenever i see one.

I could check with a colleague if we can remove all links for all albums for you, but it would be a bit of work on our side. I’m not sure if you “also have other links” (that could be a problem if we want to do it quickly for you).

Would that be something you’d like for me to look into?

Thanks for the Offer.
I have indeed also some other Links as in this Example.
Seem to be old links to Core, because on trying to open these i get a Page not found-Error

Of course it would be convenient for me if you can remove the Links via Backend.

Maybe you can check on your side how big the Effort would be and if its not that much you can remove the Links.
If you see that it is to much to “just do it”, than leave it as it is.

Thanks again.

But like, remove all of them, is something you would be okay with?

Yes, that would be ok.