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In the CLZ Mobile application, are there plans to add missing logos for certain support? Like for example PC-FX, MSX, Neo Geo…

Can you elaborate what you are looking for exactly?
I am especially confused by “for certain support”?

We are planning to add more platform logos.

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My english :sweat_smile:

plateform logos is the good terme. Thank you for your response.

Would be nice if we could use a custom logo of our choice.
I say this because I (And I’m probably alone here) have a few arcade games on my collection.
Sure, they’re emulated version os arcade games playable on PS4, PS5, whatever… But I catalog them in my collection as their original platform (in this case, Arcades).

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I also have arcade games but in original PCB.

You guys are calling the platform “Arcade” ?
Or do you use one of the platforms you got from Core?

Note that new platform logos are likely only going to be for platforms we actually have in Core. Not for user-entered platforms.

(and yes, allowing user images there would solve that, but it would introduce the expectancy of syncing them there, which would be cool, but a huge huge project - so that will not happen for now at least).

Yes for me , I called the platform “Arcade”.

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Yes for me too.
Here’s how I have it cataloged:

Again, in my case, these are actually PS4, PS5 games that emulate the arcade originals.
I believe @Hipparion33 has the actual Arcade Cabinet on his collection.

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Yes , I collect the originals arcade PCB but my collection is very small (only 4)

We are considering adding icons for platforms we do not officially have games for in Core. Arcade is on that list.

Would you have suggestions for the icon we should use for “Arcade”?

Maybe an stick arcade ?




The biggest ones missing in my collection would be Colecovision, Intellivision and Virtual Boy.

Also Magnavox Odyssey 2.

I think being able to add custom ones in the app would be a great feature too. For example I have my old Pong console added as it’s own platform/game. I think you can do this on the windows version.

I am interesting into new icons too!
I would be interested in:

  • Amstrad CPC
  • Amstrad GX4000
  • Arcade PCB
  • Casio Loopy
  • FM Towns
  • FM Towns Marty
  • Game&Watch
  • Gizmondo
  • GP2X
  • GP2X Wiz
  • GP32
  • Nintendo Aleck 64
  • Nuon
  • Pippin
  • Playdia
  • Sammy Atomiswave
  • Sega Beena
  • Sega Pico
  • Storio
  • Tapwave Zodiac
  • Vectrex
  • Watara Supervision
  • Wonderswan
  • Wonderswan Color
  • X68000
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and :

  • Alice
  • Electron / BBC
  • MSX
  • Oric
  • Philips Videopac
  • Radofin
  • Sega Mark III
  • Thomson MO5
  • Thomson TO7

I’ll take note of these requested icons for those platforms!

Where were you guys before we were building version 9? :stuck_out_tongue:

We thought you thought about it :joy: :rofl:

Thank you.

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