Logo's for digital content

Before I used to work with the desktop version, but because it is more convenient to use the mobile app I’ve switched.
One thing that I really miss in the app is that I don’t have the format logo’s (or icons, or whatever you call it) for digitally purchased content (for a movie purchased in AppleTV or Prime for example). I’ve made the formats myself but the text is written ofcourse…I remember that the desktop version had all the digital format logo’s as well.
Is it possible to include this in the mobile app?

Yes, we can add more format icons to the mobile app too.
Which ones would you like to see?

That would be awesome!
I buy digital content on (Amazon) Prime, Apple TV and Youtube.

I have quite a few VCDs so would like an icon for that … also a few DVD-Rs, would be cool to be able to distinguish those from “official” DVDs at a glance.

This is a great idea! For me, the missing logos are Vudu and Movies Anywhere (which show up fine in CLZ Connect)

I will put this on our projects list.

I’m guessing at least the logos that display on Connect would be the minimum we should add.

DVD-R and VCD I think would be new, those aren’t on Connect either.

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An icon for Audio Discs would also be nice to have. I have some box sets where the movie soundtrack is included on a separate disc.

Currently CLZ Movies will only show 1 single format icon, so if that disc is “blu-ray + audio disc” the audio disc icon would not show anywhere. But, I’ll add it to the list anyway!

It will indeed show multiple icons, apologies!

Maybe I dont understand you correctly, but I see 1 icon for each format if the Format field is tagged with multiple values, meaning that if its tagged with ‘4k UHD’, ‘Blu-ray’ & ‘DVD’ all three icons are visible, but if I add the ‘CD’ (which doesn’t have an icon, for now) the text CD is displayed alongside the other format icons.

I stand corrected. Apologies, I’ll change my post!

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Here’s a preview of the extra icons we’re adding (on top of the existing ones)

So we’ve now added (for the next version):

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple TV
  • Youtube/Google (they’re merging their video service)
  • VCD
  • DVDR
  • CD (this one would’ve never made it if it wasn’t posted on the forum :slight_smile: )
  • Hulu
  • VUDU/Fandango (these services have merged)
  • Roku
  • Microsoft Movies & TV
  • Movies Anywhere
  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Plex
  • Files
  • Divx
  • UltraViolet

Not all digital content, but a good set we think.

Are there more you actually have?
(not looking for random ideas/suggestions, because I can think of 100s of extra icons, just looking for actual use cases, that you would use.)


Wow, that looks fantastic! I’m looking forward to be able to use them, for me personally the first three are the ones I use, but including all the others you mentioned should cover most of the used digital content icons. Thanks for the team’s hard work!

Awesome. Any others you definitely do use but don’t see in that list? :slight_smile:

Here are the ones I use,

Excellent, most of those seem to be covered already.
I see ESPN, FreeVee, that we do not have yet.

Google Play would be another.

Well we considered that one, but from January 17th those will only be available on YouTube and “Your Library” or something on some Google TVs.

So we figured to map Google Movies and TV to a Youtube icon, as that will be the home of those purchases.


What do you think?

Lest we not forget Shudder

Why Ultraviolet? For legacy sake?

Mainly because we saw a high usage of that format in cloud data.