Low quality picture for thumbnails

When you set to full size the display of covers, be it with cover display or shelf, the image of the cover is blurry. Look like the thumbnail generated from the original cover is too small.

Would be great to have a bigger thumbnail or 2, depending the size we do use.

Added an example: Untitled-1 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

As you can see, the thumbnail from the left is blurry while the one from right is clean. This is the same image I do uploaded (high res scan)

I did noticed the same on other Clz application. Seems an issue (or per design) on the thumbnail lib you use :slight_smile:

The images in the Images View are shown based on 280x350 px thumbnails. That has been chosen as a compromise between quality and performance.
Going to bigger thumbnail images would make the loading slower.

The one on the right, in the details panel is the large version which is usually 420x530 px.

What I though. Would it be possible, in a future release, to have the option to get bigger picture. Nowday we do have fast internet connection, be it at home or with 4G/5G :slight_smile:

Will consider that for a future update.

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