Lower/bottom collections tab

Is there a way, or can we maybe get implemented the ability to increase the width of this bar? (maybe just click on it and drag it to the left/right to increase the available space?) rather than have to use the little arrows. I have many different databases for various reasons and it would be a quality of life improvement if the functionality isn’t already there.

I’m afraid that it is not possible to increase the width of the collection bar in Comic Collector.

In Comic Connect (the web-app) it will use the entire width of the screen (and the bar in general acts a bit more as you would expect from a tabbar online). Have you ever considered moving to Connect? You could try it out for free!

Comic Connect is easier to use and easier to manage, while still giving you all features and customization options.
Also the Connect web-based software is what all our development and support is focused on.

If you switch to Comic Connect with our Trade-In offer, we will trade-in your remaining Comic Collector subscription days and will transfer them to the Connect edition, plus we will add 4 extra months for free.

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