Lunar Smoke #5

Comic: Lunar Smoke
issue: 5
Barcode: none
A Main cover “Lunar Crossing” by Narcelio Sousa
B “River” Variant cover by Marosa
C “Versus Wraparound” Variant by Sasha
D DemonTime Cosplay by demonlorddante
E Naughty “Lunar Crossing” by Narcelio Sousa
F Naughty “River” Variant cover by Marosa
G Naughty “Versus Wraparound” Variant by Sasha
H NSFW “DemonTime” Cosplay by demonlorddante
I Nude “DemonTime” Cosplay by demonlorddante

variant description: Kickstarter
publisher: Submarine Treehouse

Cover date: June 2024
Release date: June 2024
Current Age | Color | USA | English
Pages: 20

Cost: USD n/a (Kickstarter released)
Genre: Adult, Space, Western
Writer: Arman Nasim
Pencils: Narcelio Sousa
Colors: Michael Woods
Letterer: Anthony Rella
Cover Artist: see above for list
Editor: Rose Bud
Lunar Smoke


The Mayor tasks Lunar with leading the first pioneer excursion in search of settling new land for the ever growing population of Moon City.

Lunar Smoke is part of the Lunarverse consisting of Lunar Smoke, Martian Smoke, Jungle Smoke.

A Lunar Crossing main cover

B River cover

C Versus Wraparound cover
![Lunar Smoke 5 C Versus Wraparound variant by Sasha|645x500(upload://qIigPuYFFCxygH8bJyJhwnWn10S.jpeg)

D DemonTime Cosplay cover

E Naughty Lunar Crossing cover
Lunar Smoke 5 E Naughty Lunar Crossing Main by Narcelio Sousa

F Naughty River cover
Lunar Smoke 5 F Naughty River Variant by Marosar

G Naughty Versus Wraparound cover
Lunar Smoke 5 G Naughty Versus Wraparound variant by Sasha

H NSFW DemonTime Cosplay cover
Lunar Smoke 5 H NSFW DemonTime variant by demonlorddante

I Nude DemonTime Cosplay cover
Lunar Smoke 5 I Nude DemonTime variant by demonlorddante

@seb I’m going to wait with adding this one though.

The reason is this is a kickstarter and it’s not 100% sure this issue #5 will actually GET a release. Feel free to re-report this when they have been released though.

Thank you for understanding