Make Comics Connect Fullscreen in iOS when added to homescreen

iOS (and I believe Android) have options to add a website to the homescreen. If setup correctly on the end of the website, it provides an icon for the website icon as app on the homescreen and also allows the website to open as a standalone-like app in fullscreen (thus without seeing safari or the address bar (or a limited bar only)).

Can you make this happen for Comic Connect (and the other sites as well, but I mainly use Comic Connect)?

Here you can find how to do it:

P.S. I am aware you have iOS App as well, but I prefer the way Comic Connect works over those apps.

Now I am really curious :slight_smile:
What makes you prefer using Comic Connect on your phone, over CLZ Comics mobile app?

It’s actually on the iPad that I prefer Connect. It doesn’t have to sync, and I find editing way easier and faster. On the iPhone I do use the app. But only when I am in the comic store to check if I already have a comic or not.

Sorry to keep asking questions… but… what’s makes the Connect editing easier and faster?

I am happy to hear it, because we just rewrote all the Edit screens in Connect, but still… the edit screens in the CLZ mobile apps work in a quite similar way.

Just to give some context: I use my iPad almost always with a Smart Keyboard that also includes a trackpad.

To answer your question, it already starts with that in the CLZ Comics app, I have to press an Action button then Edit, whereas in Connect, the edit button is always before the items in the list.

Then, selecting multiple issues, is simply checkmarking the item in Connect, whereas in the app, I first have to active the select mode.

Maybe these feel tiny, but they do impact a lot when editing several comics in a row.

The app also shows the covers in front of each item in the list view, making me see much less items at once. I haven’t found a way to not show them. The cover image is less important to me when viewing the list. If I want to see one, I just click the item in Connect.

It could also be a case of familiarity: I use the Connect way more than the app, so I am not that used to the app for editing purposes.

Hope this helps.

But any idea if you can implement my suggestion? It shouldn’t be much work, just making the manifest file, with icon image and adding it to the site.

One addition: this is very subjective. But I also like the way Connect looks in Dark mode much better than the App. Especially as it uses varies dark colors, for tabs, the bar with Collection Status, Index, Quanity and Storage Box. Plus I can have the list in dark mode, while the selected comic details in Light mode. This combo works better for me.