Mark Brooks connecting X variants

Well this is gonna be a fun one. So Fall of the House of X #1 (released 3 January 2024) and Rise of the Powers of X #1 (released 10 January 2024) both have half of a connecting cover (drawn by Mark Brooks) that, when held next to each other, makes one big picture. Except there was a printing issue and the middle of the image was cropped out from both covers, so they didn’t actually connect. Marvel realized this after Rise of the Powers of X #1 was already on shelves but decided to fix this issue by replacing the issues (apparently for free) to comic stores. I went to my comic store today and they had just gotten both replacement copies in today (not sure what the replacement versions’ official release date is, it may not be Jan 31st even though that’s when I bought them). Both of the error covers are listed as issue #1D in CLZ, but now the corrected versions are out as well (and so far unlisted), and they have the exact same barcode numbers as their error versions. I have all 4 issues and took pictures of each cover as best I can with my phone, but the easiest way to tell if you have an error version is if you can see half of Professor X’s and Juggernaut’s faces in what would be the middle of the image.

Fall of the House of X #1D (error version):

Fall of the House of X #1 corrected version:

Rise of the Powers of X #1D (error version):

Rise of the Powers of X #1 corrected version:

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Wow! That’s a nice stuff up!!! Watching thread to see how CLZ handles this as it’s going to be interesting.

Do you know how the store was expected to handle the issues?

just give you the new copy or return the incorrect copy?

My store said they were replacement copies and since I had already paid for the error issues when they came out (I had asked the store to add those specific variants to my pull list ahead of time) that the replacements were free.

When the second book came out I actually noticed the issue and posted to a big X-Men fan group on Facebook and people there directed me to this post on Bleeding Cool with more info: When Your Mark Brooks X-Men Connecting Covers Don't Quite... Connect

Also I recently saw this article which mentions more recent Marvel comics that seem to have printing flaws.

This has been corrected in Core. I added the corrected version as a new variant on both titles, changed the variant edition name of the original to the error and gave the new one a release date to this Wednesday. Both share the same barcode so both will pop up when you scan them but that’s fine. Thank you for posting!

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That’s great however the cover art for the error versions (#1D) still shows the correct artwork (where you can see half of Professor X’s face on each book) and the Rise of the Powers of X #1J (the corrected version) shows the error version’s cover art. Fall of the House of X #1J has the correct cover art though.

Should be fixed now!

It looks like Rise of the Powers of X #1J has the error artwork instead of the correct, the others all seem fixed.

Uggh my bad, try again please :slight_smile:

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Looks great, awesome, thanks!

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