Mark Jewelers

Can you add Mark Jewelers variants for the following with same newsstand covers you already have.

-Captain America, Vol. 1 - 292

-Captain America, Vol. 1 - 294

-Captain America, Vol. 1 - 300

-Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1 - 167 - this is a MarkJewelers and has the Lakeside Tattooz Insert page


These have been added!

Could you share a picture of UXM 167? A pic with the Lakeside Tattooz and the Mark Jewelers insert?

I will after work. Btw, not actual tattooz but the lakeside tattooz page in the back - that is what I thought the one entry you had in there was referencing. Thanks.

Here is the pic.

Looks like the lakeside tattooz insert page but my tattooz are missing on this copy.

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This has been added!

Did not see the Captain America 292 MJ variant listed above was added. Can you add please. Thanks!

This has been added