Marvel / DC Superhero Organizing

Big Superhero movie fan.

Been doing a little housecleaning in my Movies Collector DB Trying to come up with the best solution for organizing my DC / Marvel & other movies both in my DB and on the shelf. Up to now its been A/Z - Superhero’s.

With a 300+ live action, animated & digital standalone and tv series collection that’s still growing. I was wondering how others manage their collections?

I’m considering using franchise / series as a way to sort, think Cinematic Universe, DC Animated Movies etc. But it is hard to find decent, consistent info regarding this. Especially with all the different Universes, Tomorrowverses, Multiverses LOL. I’ve Been scouring the internet (Wikipedia/Fandom/others) but all seem to vary.

I have a lot of Superhero films but at the moment I have only organized the MCU and DCEU films.

Basically for the MCU I have create “faux” box sets for each of the phases and, with the exception of phase five, I have found custom made blu-ray art for each of the phases and use that for the cover and back pictures for the box set.

For the DCEU, I have basically lumped all of them into one box set and then created a cover photo by using the movie posters as a chart.

I haven’t done anything with the other films/TV series but I may create a box set for the CW Arrowverse and just link Season One of all the shows but haven’t decided. Some of my other films/TV are already in a box set (Batman TV 60’s TV; the 4 Batman films starting in '89, Christopher Reeve/Brandon Routh Superman, Nolan Batman) so I may have to think something else up. The other films are all one offs (so to speak) and I haven’t done anything with them, but may also spend some time thinking about them.

Since I have them all grouped by name, for the most part, if I want to look for a particular SuperHero, I just have to go to their entry in my over all list. Though for a few movies, like the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises, since they don’t have Batman in the title they are in the D’s, but are part of of the Nolan box set that I have so I can jump to them pretty quick if I happen to looking under Batman.

Another idea I just though of is to add a new selection to the Genre field like MCU, DCEU, Batman, Superman etc. At least if you have the desktop software, which Roybo I believe you have mentioned in other posts. That would then allow you to filter your collection by Genre and selection whatever SuperHero option you have created.

I added Superhero genre long ago. But may add MCU/DCEU etc. I’m gonna tinker with adding it to the series / franchise field.