Marvel Graphic Novel: The Shadow #35A

Additional information for 35A

Comic: Marvel Graphic Novel
issue: 35A
Barcode: ISBN 0-87135-341-5
variant: Hardcover
variant description: Micheal W Kaluta Wrap around dust cover
title: The Shadow: 1941 Hitler’s Astrologer
publisher: Marvel Comics

Credits: SAME AS issue 35A
Cover Artist: Micheal W Kaluta Wrap around dust cover
Editor: Pat Redding. Tom DeFalco

front wrap cover

back wrap cover

front cover of Hardcover book itself

This is the one we have in Core as 35A

? when you have a hardcover with a dust cover, which cover do you want in core ?
the dust cover wraparound or front cover of hardcover book itself

The dust cover. That’s the cover you’ll see the most

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