Max Limit on number of comics tagged?


I just tried selecting all on the “[All Comics]” view and edited by adding a tag that I wanted to add to all of the comics in my collection. However, it does not seem to complete. E.g., if I have 12550 comics in my collection, when grouping by the “Tag” folder, I’d have expected to see 12550 comics listed under that tag. However, I see something like 7497…

FWIW, I tried this action twice, and after the first time I think it was ~69xx (don’t remember exactly).

I suspect that I can e.g. filter by “letter” and then perform the tagging action 27 times, but just wanted to know if there was a limit…


@ajax3712 you ran into a bug here. We’ve looked into it and released a fix just now.

You should be able to use Edit Multiple on all of them now when you need it!

Can you let me know if it works for you now?

Yup, it seems to have worked this time. Thanks much!

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