Merge 2 entries for same band!

Hi. I have just bought one of the most recent records from OMD…And have run into a little problem.
I have 33 records listed under ‘Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark’ and then the new 12 inch under ‘Orchestral Manouvres in The dark’ notice In and in. I have tried to change ‘sorting’ but they do not end together… I know it has worked earlier… Has something changed in some of the new versions. ?

This may happen when different albums in our Core had slightly different spellings of the artist name.

Luckily, this duplicate artist problem can be resolved easily by merging the entries through the Manage Pick Lists screen.

To open that screen, tap the menu icon top left, then choose Manage Pick Lists.
Now choose “Artist list”. That will show you your complete Artist list, with Display names (at the top) and their Sort Names (at the bottom).


  • Find the duplicate artists using the search box at the top.
  • Tap the button top right and select “Enter merge mode”.
  • Tap the artists you want to merge.
  • Finally, tap the “Merge to…” button and choose the Artist entry you want to merge to, that is, the one you want to keep.
    (in most cases, that would be the one that lists the most albums)

Thank you, earlier it worked if you just changed ‘sorting’ … I was not so familiar with this Manage Pick list… Thanks…

Another simple way is just to edit the album (or albums) concerned changing the artist name to your preferred version. Although I did laugh when Gerry and The Peace Makers appeared once; almost tempted to keep it! Almost.

I tried… But when editing , i got a error’ entry already exist’ and was unable to ‘save’ or exit… I was earlier editing ‘sort name’ but it didn’t help now, so apperently ‘pick list’ is the way now… :wink:

That sounds like you tried to modify the name of the existing artist.
That is not what you need to do.
You need to tap the artist name and select the OTHER artist entry from the pick list.

This has always been they way, nothing has changed here.