Missing actors

Hey, I am very pleased with your website, my collection is now 10000 + So it is a great help to have it organized :slight_smile: But I occasionally discover that main actors not appear under cast members when you add a movie, how is thatā€¦??? where do you get information fromā€¦?? I discover this when I look in folders, to see how many movies I got with any given actor, and often some is missingā€¦???


Our software gets the main movie information like cast and crew straight from IMDb.

However, for some reason IMDb lists the cast for some movies in alphabetical order, which can drop major actors from the list of 25 actors.

If you see that, just report those movies here and we fix them manually!

Michael Gambon in ā€˜Layers Cakeā€™

Layer Cake (2004) has now been fixed, and Gambon is in there! Thanks for reporting this!

Florence Pugh in ā€˜Oppenheimerā€™

Florence Pugh in *Outlaw Kingā€™

@jknudsen Thanks for posting these.

I was able to fix ā€œOutlaw Kingā€ however ā€œOppenheimerā€ could not be fixed. We deliver a maximum of 25 actors, and Florence is on place 41.

Your best bet for this one is to edit the movie, go to the actors, and just make the list custom, then add Florence Pugh yourself for that one.