Missing Album

Not sure where to post a missing album, this isn’t CLZ Comics, LOL.

I manually added:
Artist - Simon Doty
Album - Universal Language (Orange Vinyl)

The Core Errors subforum would be best - I’ve moved your topic there.

As for missing albums - we usually do not add them through a missing report, but what does work is opening the Add Albums screen, then go to the Catalog Number tab.

Now type in the Catalog Number.

For this album you’re mentioning, the Cat. No. is ANJCD133OD

If you search that, it will search Discogs as well, and add the album.

Try it out!

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Thanks for CLZ Music forum tutorial. I should get better at this as many Anjuna albums don’t make it to the databases. The catalog number worked, but it found the album and extended mixes album. I have the orange vinyl that has five and six songs per side, eleven songs total. How do I differentiate the orange vinyl variant.

I kept my manual entry and added the catalog number.

For CLZ Music/Music Connect you can not submit albums right now - so your best bet is to either find it on Discogs and find the Catalog Number, then search that Cat. No. in CLZ Music/Music Connect.

Or of course, add it manually, and keep it like that (you can enter all data yourself, there’s no need to actually have it in Core//linked with Core).

So for those Anjuna albums I recommend doing that.

For this particular one, you’re fine like you are now!

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Noted for future Anjuna, or other obscure, label releases. Thanks