Missing comic view

I have 1000+ series. Is there any way to display series with zero missing books under the missing page? The only way to know if I have a completed run is to go into the series and hit “find missing”. If I could just go to the “missing” section and sort it, all the zeros could be at the bottom and I’d save myself hours and hours going through each series.

Is there any way to do this or something similar without looking at every single series?

This is the screen I’m referring to, not the “find missing” part. If it could descend past 1 to zero missing, it would be amazing.

That is currently not possible, but I can see how that would be useful.
Will put that on the ideas list.

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It would save users like me so many hours. Maybe a “show zero” toggle?

Any thing currently available to speed my quest along?

On the main list, is there a way to change “have” to “missing” under each series? If that was possible, I would be able to at least scroll and see it all without clicking into every series.

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Just for my understanding, why do you need find all your series that have nothing missing?

Sure. So, the main reason is the way I bought my comics. Rather than boxing them by series, I had the bright idea of grouping them by month. I’d buy 10 books in Jan, throw them in a box, Feb same thing, March, same. So and and so forth until a box was full. This went on for about 50 long boxes. I know have 1000+ series in over 50 long boxes. Over the years, I have lost a box through damage, moving, etc, so I have no idea how complete my runs are. I have gotten them all into clz, but now, I have a 100 comic run in 10 different boxes. If I could figure out what series I have completed, I could pull them first and reorganize them the way they should have been for years. Hope that makes sense.

That sure makes sense :slight_smile:

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Any tips or tricks to speed that quest along with the current build?

Just finished inputting my collection 10,000+ books, 1500+ series. Any ideas on how to find out what is completed quicker than I have been doing as described above? Any way to make one shots auto complete?