Missing Comics - weird data

Hello. Just started using the new web version and ran a MISSING COMICS report. Have not gone through every titlle yet but i do see where it is saying i am missing titles - in the report - that it shows i own - on the main screen. screenshots attached.

For some reason you have that issue listed as 7B, while in Core that issue is 1B.

all 4 of the items that show up as missing in the report have variant covers.

doesnt look like all the covers are in stock any more. as luck would have it, all the ones i bought are out of stock but you can see from the variants that are in stock that the numbers are consistent. for instanmce, 6B is in stock. mine was 6A. for the bride of the head of the family title.

i always update the core when i buy a comic and there is info missing or incorrect. not sure if that info makes it into the core but i do that for all my titles that need it. so i would have updated with whatever cover number was inside the cover of that issue.

but the report should not be flagging variants it should be flagging the prime title itself ? or is that a filter i can add ?

That is a setting in the Missing Comics screen indeed.

i will try that. thank you for educating me :slight_smile:

checking the variant box makes it worse. unchecking the box does not resolve the issue. it still shows 4 titles as missing when the main screen shows them as in collection.

It looks like the problem is in the issue numbers.
For that “Bride of the Head of the Family” series, we have ONE issue in Core, called issue #1.

In your collection, you have it listed as issue 6A. I don’t know why or how, but that is what is causing the mismatch.

I mean, we have issue #1 listed, you don’t own an issue #1 so it is shown as missing.

i do see a #1 on that cover, but if you open the cover, on the inside it shows you all the variants, their numbers and the artist who did them .

Also, you can see the issue numbers on that link i sent you. there were originally several variants for each cover. i picked the one i liked best but not all of them. and not all of the variants are listed on their site ant more (probably out of stock). their site is = Search: 45 results found for "comic" – Page 2 .

The Blade variants are #1something

Weedjies are #2something

Necropolis are #3something

The Sorrority Babes in the Slimebowlarama are #4something

Femmalien are #5something

Bride of the Head of the Family are #6something

The Shadowheart Curse is #7something

i can resubmit my entries to the Core if you will accept those updates ? it is just 7 titles that need the update ? or maybe just the 4 i see on my report.

Are you saying we have them listed incorrectly in Core?
These are all separate series, with just ONE issue listed, that is indicated as #1 on the cover.
So I think they should be listed as #1 in Core. If there are multiple variants, these would be listed as 1A, 1B, 1C, etc… That’s how we do it for all series.

Anyway, the Missing Comics screens works by checking issue numbers, so if these don’t match, then it think you are missing the issue.

i think they are listed incorrectly. There are 7 titles in the “deadly ten” series - each with multiple variants.

it says i am missing issues, but when i click on that issue to edit, it says in collection. so i am not missing it. it just says that on the report. and only for the 4 titles in that series.

|Deadly Ten Presents: Necropolis Legion
|Deadly Ten Presents: Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
|Deadly Ten Presents: The Shadowheart Curse
|Deadly Ten Presents: Bride of Head of the Family

As I have explained twice in the above conversation:
these are reporting missing, because you have entered a different ISSUE NUMBER.

and as i have shown you - with the link to the vendor’s site - the issue number inside the front cover is not what you have in the core. but if you dont want to fix it i just wont use that report. not important enough to keep arguing about.

I am just trying to help you with the Missing Comics screen and I am explaining why you see what you see.

I just see a front cover with #1 on it, I see the comic is listed as #1 in Core, so it all looks correct to me.

this is what i think the confusion is.

The series is Deadly Ten not Bride of Head of the Family.

in this series the issue numbers are:

The Deadly Ten - The Blade is #1(variants)
The Deadly Ten - Weedjies is #2(variants)
The Deadly Ten - Necropolis is #3(variants)
The Deadly Ten - The Sorrority Babes in the Slimebowlarama is #4s(variants)
The Deadly Ten - Femmalien is #5(variants)
The Deadly Ten - Bride of the Head of the Family is #6(variants)
The Deadly Ten - The Shadowheart Curse is #7(variants)

open the issue and look at the inside cover to see that. i think it might say 1 on the front cover because they were hoping to make more movies-comics but the pandemic put a stop to that. there were supposed to be 10 movies and 10 comics. The Deadly Ten.

if you dont trust me go to their site and check for yourself. i included the link above.

Could you share a picture of “The Deadly Ten - Weedjies is #2(variants)” interior with that number you mnetioned and a picture of the indicia (legals box on the inside of the cover)?

From my understanding, you’re confusing issue number with a reading order. We add issues into our database using the issue number on the cover or from what the indicia says. Whatever a publishers decides on what the reading is, is totally fine but that’s data we are not using at this time. It might be something we decide to jump into in the future. Hope I answered your problem :slight_smile: