Missing field in " sort by" in CLZ comic cloud

Was wondering if there is a way for me to be able to sort my collection via Price Purchased" . When I’m logged into my CLZ cloud, if I sort by " Value" , date purchased and date sold are listed, but not " Price Purchased" . There is no way for me to add it myself. Does this have to be a feature request? Should exist already .

Hi there @Hotslabs,

It is definitely possible to sort by “Price Purchased”, but since this is a personal field you have to be logged in to see this sorting option.

Can you verify that you’re actually logged in, (tap the person icon, top right on your cloud page), then see if you can add the sorting option?

I was definitely signed in.

But that is not the Sort By screen. That is the folder field selector.

Price Purchased is not an option here indeed. Can you explain what you are looking for exactly? How would using Price Purchased work as a folder field?

If you are actually looking to SORT BY price purchased, that is of course possible. Use the Sort Order icon above the list:

Wait… re-reading your first post, I think you are requesting to add Price Purchased as a column to your list, right?

Yes that is what I’m looking for.
I have 2 objectives.

Objective 1) make a separate collection of books that have the " purchase price" field filled in. As in my earlier collecting years, I did not keep track of purchase price and cost, therefore the books added to by current collection have that field left blank. So for organization reasons, i want to have those books in a separate collection list.

Objective 2 I want to be able to export/ share a collection that only has the books listed that have the “price purchased” field filled out .

Hi Evan,
Good to hear that helped.

Is there any way to be able to respond to the email notification on this board and have that reply directly to the board. I noticed that the email domain is from a " do not reply"

Mm, I don’t know. I think it does support some kind of posting by email. Not sure is we have that enabled.

In regards to the origional post, how would I add the Purchased price column? Or is this not possible ?

You can add any column to your list using the Columns button, see screenshot above.