More than one Administrator for Book Connect account? and multi-year subscriptions?


Congratulations on this new CLZ Club forum. It is timely for some questions I have been thinking about!

Thank you. I love the artistic and warm design of the bookshelf representation, and the well designed functionality in Book Connect software.

I use it to showcase books authored, or of interest to, my family group.

Two questions please:

  1. Is it possible to have more than one administrator who can manage the Account/ bookshelf? I want to have ethical governance of this family resource ie. More than one administrator, to avoid bias, and exclusion of representation; to share the admin load; and to help with succession etc.

2 Is it possible to buy a subscription for more than one year? Possibly with discounts?, to help continuity.

Thanks and regards.

And thanks for your kind comment on Book Connect, appreciated.

For your two questions.

  1. Book Connect is web-based software. Anyone with the CLZ username and password can login to the software. We always advise to limit the amount of users who have access to the account. Because anyone who is logged in can edit, add or delete books. That is not something you want.
    So please be careful with whom you share your account.
    For sharing purposes, always use your CLZ cloud viewer. The CLZ cloud viewer is just that: you can browse and search the collection but not change a thing.
    That is why these are two separate domains:
    Software: Online book database software » Book Connect
    CLZ cloud: Demo's books » CLZ Cloud for Books (this is our demo account)

  2. You can only renew for 1 year at a time, using the Pay Yearly option, but of course you are welcome to place multiple separate purchases :slight_smile:
    Every purchase will actually add a year to your subscription.

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Thank you for your speedy reply. It is much appreciated.

I will choose my fellow administrator’s carefully, :slight_smile:

and I have just managed to buy and successfully stack up another year’s subscription.

Many thanks and best wishes to CLZ for 2024

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Thanks for your renewal!