Most of my comics are set to Custom Creators

So I just found out that most of my comics are set to the custom creators tab and most all of the custom creators are wrong. I have never adjusted the creators so I’m not really sure how this happened but it is nearly impossible to find out the correct artist or writer now. Is there away to default set all comics to Core Creators instead of custom creators because the only way I can see to do it know is to manual switch tabs on every single comic I have and I have over 3000 comics.

I’m splitting off your topic, because this sounds like a personal problem for your account and not something to do with this new feature we introduced back then.

I’ve checked your database in Cloud and I’m seeing some weird things.

First is this:

You have ; instead of : for a lot of series - how did you do that? Are you manually going by them one by one to put in ; instead of : ?

Second is indeed, you have a lot of comics with “custom creators” - but it goes further, you actually have 3417 comics without any creator listed. Now this can only happen if you use edit multiple, add all job types, then “do nothing” which will clear those fields for all comics that you are using edit multiple on.

I’ve checked your “folder settings” and I’m seeing you created a “custom folder grouping” for
“All Creators > Cover Artist > Artist”

This is a foldergrouping structure that doesn’t make sense to me. Why do you have this?


Since the database looks very strange to me, with lots of personal preference edits (those series names with all : replaced by ; ) I get the feeling you may have used an export, changed stuff, then reimported to Connect in the past. Is this something that rings any bell at all?

  • Are you sure you never ever use Edit Multiple?
  • Did you ever use “export”, then modify stuff on your computer, then “import back in”? (that will most likely break your database)
  • Can you tell me how/why your : is replaced by ; for your series?
  • Can you remember why you created that folder group setting?