Movie Collecter V17 not syncing on new MS 11 PC

Just received a new Lenovo laptop PC with Windows 11.
I installed my CollectorZ Movie Collector V17 software but it refuses to sync with my information in the cloud. It keeps telling me that there is something wrong with my internet connection (not true).
I also tried adding the exe files to my firewall exclusions, no luck.
The Movie Collector and Music Collector programs work fine on my old Windows 10 laptop. What is the issue?
Tim Lindsey


I am afraid that IS a connection problem. See, version 17 is too old to connect to our servers, for syncing, searching Core, etc…
That version 17 still uses the old insecure HTTP protocol for connections, while our servers now require secure connections over HTTPS everywhere.

Basically, that means you need Movie Collector 18.4 or newer to sync, search Core etc…
You were giving a free upgrading to version 18.4 when that change happened (Sept 2020).

If the software has been working on your old laptop, you MUST have been using version 18.4 there.

Anyway, the solution is simple, just download version 18.4.7 from your account at