Movie Collector Synch Problem with BMP images

I’ve been using Movie Collector for many years and never encountered this problem before. After adding a bunch of new movies via the desktop version (23.3.5), when I run Synchronize, it now fails repeatedly on BMP files that I’ve used for cover images for many years! The movies I recently added do not include BMP images so I cannot understand why the same mechanism I’ve used repeatedly suddenly fails on old files it handled properly in the past. I’ve tried deleting BMP files that Sync reports (see attached screenshot), but when I re-run Sync it just fails on some other BMP file. Note the error message says the “image extension is not supported for uploading”.

Bottom line: I have not been able to upload/synch my desktop updates for several months! At the very least, the software should skip the ones it cannot handle but continue with the rest. Ideally, it should also provide an easy way to find all the images with an option to remove the BMP files and replace them with images from Core.

PS - I tried this tip which didn’t make any difference in the BMP failures.
Tools > Maintenance > Auto Mark Custom Images to check your entire collection for custom images
​(But it did dramatically increase the number of files to sync.)

This is as expected, we do not support BMP images in the CLZ Cloud.
But… it has been like this for YEARS.

I must say, BMP is a very inefficient format, very big, so not well suited for syncing up and down.

I discovered the same error with BMP files some time ago and just quit using them.

Additionally I’ve found that if I change a covers image and check it off as “Custom” but do not change its name it will sync ok but not change for me in the cloud.

For curiosities sake and to avoid possible future issues, I’d like to know what type of image files will work properly and which are preferred for all areas within CLZ’s 3 movie platforms. Covers / Posters / Backdrops / Icon-Images Files / External Image-Links /etc. Also what are the preferred sizes (H*W pixel) for them.

Looking forward to your reply

Let me clarify, Alwin. I’ve been a happy user of your fine movie software since the mid 2000’s. I have raved about it to many friends. It’s amazing what your team of ten(!) has been able to accomplish in a cross-platform software product line for all kinds of collections.

I have nearly 3,700 entries in my movie database. The BMP files have been in that database for MANY YEARS (since 2010) and synching worked just fine until approximately October or November 2023. I prefer to update via my Windows laptop’s version of Movie Collector (which you seem to be phasing out - last update per your website Sept.7, 2023) and I keep Collector up-to-date. I typically sync with Movie Connect every month or two. Nothing changed on my end except installing your September 2023 update.

I do not care about the BMP images and would be happy to remove them. There are 190 BMP files dating back to 2010 in the Movie Collector\images folder. However, the sync process simply reports the error and then stops. I was looking for a solution that keeps on processing the other entries (as it does for missing files). I am sure you’d agree that making 190 manual edits is not practical.

Today I deleted all 190 BMP files at the Windows command level (external to Movie Collector) and now I can finally sync. Is there any easy method to update from Core to try to replace the missing images without individually editing 190 entries?

Thank you.

It might be difficult to exactly find the 190 entries using BMP, although using menu Search > Filter and create a filter on the front cover field “containing” BMP might work. You could give that a try.

Alternatively you could use Update from Core on all your movies, and ignore all fields, and use “Update” for front cover. It should find only update/download covers for movies that are “missing their front cover file” and go from there.

Because you had the BMP files for years, it may never have uploaded them, but they might be “marked as custom” now which will force the sync to try and upload them, which might be why you’re only running into this now.

I have looked into this with a developer, but there has been a hard “block” on BMP images in the Sync since at least 2015. This is nothing new.

i’ve looked through the manual and suggestions, but it i admit i am confused, although the titles are listed, none of the photos of the items were included.

what are the steps to download my collection from the online clz website, with the thumbnail photos to my new samsung s20FE phone?

thank you

Here’s how you download all movies from CLZ Cloud to your phone:

  1. Install CLZ Movies on your new Samsung phone from the Android Play Store

Then in the CLZ Movies mobile app:

  1. Log in with your CLZ Account
  2. Open the app menu, and choose Sync with CLZ Cloud to open the Sync screen.
  3. Now sync with CLZ Cloud to download all your data from CLZ Cloud