Movie Connect numerical listings

The numerical list in the web based Movie Connect does not run consecutively and I have tried various combinations to get them in order, but no luck. The CLZ phone app does list the numbers consecutively. Is there any way of fixing this issue in Movie Connect? See my screenshot.
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That is as expected.
The CLZ Cloud site and Movie Connect use strict alphabetical sorting. I am afraid natural sorting is very hard (impossible?) to do in a sql based environment.

The mobile app uses what is called “natural sorting”, which takes into account the numbers in the titles.

Both are correct, just different.

Tank you for clearing that up for me.


For numerical titles, I usually play around with the “Sort Title” until I get them sorted how I want. Sometimes it means spelling out the number, other times I add numbers to make sure they “sort” in the right place. It may take several tries to get it right.

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Many thanks for your recommendations. I’m going to give it a go later, hopefully with some success.

Strategically placed zeroes could also help. Just remember that you may have to refresh your browser for your change to show up right away. I usually do. Good luck!