MuC on Windows "S" mode

Can MuC run on Windows “S” mode?

I am thinking of getting an ‘NUC’ type device with the ultimate goal of using it as a jukebox.

The plan would be to run MuC with a database with my recorded music in the linked track lists. Then clicking on MuC to fire up the device default Mp3 player.

The issue I see at the moment is NUC type devices run Windows in “S” mode which only allows apps to be installed if they are in the Microsoft Store, and I don’t see any Collectorz products in the Microsoft Store.

Am I missing anything in the above discussion?

SO my question, again, is" Can MuC be installed on Windows “S” mode?

Music Collector Windows is not available in the Microsoft Store, and therefor can not be installed on Windows S mode.

But a NUC should not require you to have S mode though, so if you would use a regular Windows, you could just install Music Collector.

Then again, I’m not sure if Music Collector is the right choice to make into a jukebox on a NUC. You might want to look at Plex for that. Or other software.

Thanks for that. I figured that would be the answer.

I have ‘played’ with Plex a couple of years ago and was not impressed. I watch some streamed movies on it now and again. I’ll investigate again.

I’ve been using Plex for about five years now. In my opinion, MuC and Plex are the perfect pairing for cataloging and playing.

I spent some months ripping CDs and LPs to my Plex server, so now all 32k tracks are available to any Plex Player anywhere - including my car, via the 5G/cellular-connected PlexAmp app. It’s now in the “can’t live without it” catagory.

And of course the CLZ products are the gold standard for cataloging.

Years ago Amazon offered a plan to store music files for an annual fee for 250,000 items. Far greater than iTunes in number. Of course it was back in dialup days and took months to upload but I loved the backup option. Then one year they sent an email saying the service was being discontinued but did I want them to keep storing them for me. Of course I agreed to free. Since then I’ve been accessing my 2800 albums using their Music app on phone, tablet, computer, streaming box at 256 kbs mp3 resolution free. It’s been many years and they’ve never asked for another payment. Just never liked Plex and thought I’d pass on my story.