Multiple series

Is there any way add more than one series to an entry?
If not is it possible to add this functionality?

For example; Excitebike for NES is part of the Excite series, but it is also part of Nintendo’s Programmable Series.

Sorry, that is not possible.

Frankly, I feel that making Series into a multi-value field would be a bit “overkill”.

Agreed it’s kind of overkill… multiple series is not rare, but is not very common either :wink:
I’ll use custom fields in these cases

It’s a matter of choosing the main series.
I have that problem with the LEGO games…

LEGO Batman would be a LEGO game? A Batman game?

I feel LEGO Batman is a LEGO game.
But then again, that is because I have many of the LEGO games, which I consider their own series.

I feel “Arkham Asylum”, or “Batman: The Video Game” would get Batman in series.

I also think it might be a bit personal ^^

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Hence why a multiple series option would not be entirely useless :grin:
In my example the “excite series” would be the main one to add for Excitebike… though I still have to add the other series to a custom “series #2” field… so I can sleep at night lol

Some time ago, Alwin mention that a “user defined field” could be a possibility on web connect.
That would solve a lot of personal issues many of us have.

I don’t have a use for a multi series information, but there are other things that I would like to put in there, that a User Defined Field would solve it.

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