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Search by track title

Is there any way to seach for a specific song/track title using the desktop Music Collector software? I know it can be done online in your synched data on the CollectorZ website, but I can’t find a way to do it offline using the desktop software. Sometimes I want to be able to quickly see whether or not I already have a specific song by a specific artist in my collection, without having to sign into the web site. Thanks in advance.

It doesn’t look like that’s possible. The only search feature I’ve found is in the top right of the window. It searches within a lot of fields, however song/track title is not one of them.

Music Collector Search Feature

The search window in the top right searches all fields, including track title. Use Track View - if you type in a track title it will show you artist/albums with any matching tracks. I’m using the Mac version but I can’t imagine the search feature wouldn’t do the same in a windows.

That’s not the case in my V23.1.1 install. I have no matches for “Manic Monday” and that track exists in The Bangles Different Light album in my database.

Music Collector Search Feature

Try Track View, either artist or no folders. Maybe it changed significantly in the newer Windows versions.

Yes, I pointed that out in my original post, the Mac version. I can’t believe my discontinued Mac version can do this but you can’t in windoze. Have you tried in track view?

Yup, I just reread your post and noticed you mentioned you use the Mac version. My mistake.

I just chose View\Track View from the menu, retyped my search, and the correct album was listed. I never tried that before!

It seems a bit unintuitive to me that track view must be active for it to work.

View > Track View is the way indeed.

This is really weird. I went to track view, and that worked just fine, but it didn’t make sense to me because a DB search should be independent of the view being displayed and should find the search term regardless of the view selected. So I changed back to album view and suddenly now it works there too! I can’t explain it, but I’m not complaining. Thanks everyone for the suggestion. BTW, I’m using version 23.1.1 for Windows.

There is a down pointing arrow just to the left of the text entry box for the search box. Make sure you have ‘Search All Fields’ checked (top selection) and it should find most everything, anywhere. Just tried it using ‘Album’ view.

Just checked, it even found things in the ‘Notes’ Field. Also found I don’t have ‘Manic Monday’ on CD, coulda sworn I had that one? But it did find ‘Bangles’ in the ‘Notes’ field for a Cyndi Lauper CD.

I must have had a filter enabled or something because after disabling all of them and choosing “Search all fields” from the search dropdown a “manic monday” search popped up the correct album with the correct track highlighted even with Album view selected.