Music Connect functionality?

Yesterday, in addition to my “Music Collector” subscription, I also took out a subscription to “Music Connect”.
And I was disappointed after just 2 minutes!

Where are the subtracks?
Where are the additional images (e.g. labels, artists)?
Where are the links to my local music tracks?

I thought the “newer” version was supposed to be able to do at least the same as the older version and have a few more advantages. After a short test phase, I have not yet been able to determine this. Maybe I’m just not finding my way around. So where can I find the points mentioned above?

Neither of these are available in Music Connect.

As I posted earlier:
The switch to Music Connect is recommended for a small group of users, as there are more dealbreakers. I do NOT recommend the switch if you:
– absolutely need to add CDs by scanning them in your CD-ROM drive
– need to catalog and link to music files
– need to catalog extensive track level info (Connect only has Artist/Title/Length for tracks)
– need to catalog extensive classical music specific details, like Composition, with all the Composition sub fields. Composers and Composition at track level, etc…
– need to use User Defined Fields

Ok, then “Music Connect” is not for me.
I’ll still keep this one-year subscription (but won’t renew it). As a general thank you, simply to support you in your work.
Maybe there will be another chance and “Music Collector” will receive an update or bug fix.

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