Music file renamer

Can anyone recommend a good file renamer? I have hundreds of CD’s that I have ripped over the years that I don’t want to rename manually as that is thousands of tracks! I am less concerned about metadata, but most of the ones I have seen tend to also allow editing tags too. It would be enough for me to either strip it entirely or just have it match the file name once renamed.

There are plenty of renamers out there. I am looking for one (preferably free) that can do CDDB/etc album lookups that will let me match the albums and have the option to choose the renaming format.


You’re asking for a music-specific tool, and this isn’t that. However, it’s beyond doubt the most powerful file tool I know. Check it out and you might find it useful:

Reading your question again, MP3Tag just may be what you’re looking for. It has the ability to change a track’s filename from the track’s title, if that tag is populated. I may be misunderstanding your goals, but you might want to give it a look. I like it enough that I’ve donated more than a little money to the author. (Don’t be fooled by the MP3 name; it works for WAVs or FLACs too.)

For what it’s worth I use a program call TagScanner which can create Tags from file names, file names from Tags, bulk edit Tags, add coverart etc.

I would agree with the Mp3Tag recommendation above by TinPanFan. Fine program for managing all your music files, very versatile does many things the others don’t do. And I also support the author regularly!

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Agree with tfdb. I used TagScanner in the past, and it’s good, but switched to MP3Tag because it is more powerful and versatile than any of the others I tried.

Another vote for MP3Tag here. Very customisable, and easy to get the exact filename format you want. I use it regualrly after correcting tags.