Music Videos: ClzMusic or ClzMovies?

Good afternoon. I’m posting here because my query involves two different products. I have yet to catalogue my music videos. They’re on either DVD or Blu-ray but they’re technically not movies. If I’m going to look and see which concerts I have I think they should be listed with ClzMusic (or Connect, for that matter). I have a few box sets that have both CDs and DVDs. I obviously put the CDs on Music, can I create DVDs in Music? Can that platform ‘handle’ videos or should I catalogue them under Movies?

Thanks for any input.

If the DVD is an extra of a CD, I would just add another “disc” to the album in Music Connect or CLZ Music.

You can also add a music album in CLZ Music/Music Connect and set the “format” to DVD.

In the end it’s up to you where you’d rather have them to be honest.

The movie cataloging tools do have more options for, well, screen specific data to be entered. Give it a try in your music cataloging tool, see what you think - or try the movie app. It’s up to you!

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Music DVDs and Blu-rays generally are not available in our Core for Music or Discogs.

But they ARE available in our Core for Movies. So my recommendation would be to use CLZ Movies / Movie Connect.