Musician best practices

A general question for those who use the “Musician” field in the “People” section. If you add the other musicians on an album with their instruments, do you also add the main artist as a Musician to show his instrument? I’m considering doing this also so that I can see all albums on which an artist has performed, whether as leader or side musician. Anyone tried this or have other thoughts? I’d like to, for instance, be able to see all albums in my collection on which Wayne Shorter has performed, including his own as well as with other musicians. Is there another way to do this?

In the musician field I add all musicians (main artist and others), it’s a good way to find all records with this artist as musician. If he plays several instruments I add a line for each instrument

I think I’ll start doing that. Maybe @CLZ_Alwin could be convinced to automatically add the main artist as a musician when a new album is entered.