My List of Comics with No Prices

I’ve got about 300.

I tried the “Update from Core” option and some updates occurred, but it didn’t seem to add any prices.

I suspected that the grade might also have something to do with it. I marked 2 Alpha Flights that were not getting any prices Grade: none and then they got prices. Tried that same with “The Thing Vol. 1”, but no dice despite COVRPrice having values for those comics. I even tried putting in a 5.5 grade like it had on COVRPrice and that didn’t help.

The list is available in CSV format here.

As I said in our discussion by email, you do not need to put a grade. Even if you have no grade set or a grade set that CP does not have a value for, you will automatically get the value for their Most Common Condition (MCC).

Also, to get value for a comic, this is what needs to happen:

  1. CovrPrice needs to have a fair market value calculated for that comic. So if you don’t see a value, always check the site first. If CovrPrice does not have a value listed for your comic, then that is why you don’t see a value.
  2. Our Core entry for that comics needs to be linked to the corresponding CovrPrice entry. We already have most of our database linked, which should give most users values for about 80% to 90% of their comics. We are still working on linking the rest. If you want us to prioritize linking your series/comics, please report them to us on the Club CLZ forum:
  1. Finally, your local entry needs to be linked to Core’s correct comic and variant. If you suspect that may be the problem, use “Re-Link Core Variant” from the Action menu on the comic details page.

About The Thing 6…
You have 6A in your collection, the Direct edition.
What you show on CovrPrice is the Newsstand edition.

This is the Direct edition on CovrPrice:

So the CLZ entry IS linked and linked correctly, but CP just does not have a value.

If your comic details DO show the CovrPrice box, that means the CLZ entry IS linked to CovrPrice entry.
But the dash where the value would be, means that CP does not have a value.

The question is, do you actually own the Direct edition or the Newsstand edition?