Name for folder favorites

Hello everyone,

I use the “Book Collector” for various collections. These collections are sorted differently. Since the favorites of the folder view are saved in the Book Collector and not in the collection, they have to be changed again and again.

Is it possible to save the folder favorites in the collection or can you set it up so that the favorites are given their own names?

Thanks for the reply

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Hi Thomas,

It is not possible to assign a folder favorite, or a set of folder favorite to a subcollection. This has been asked before (that view, foldergrouping, and sorting etc can be linked to particular collections), and we’ve taken note.

As for naming them your own names: this was possible in the past, but not anymore - because a lot of users got confused. They named something “Author”, but were grouping on the Format field, and then reported that as a bug. So, now the name of the folder grouping preset will always reflect which fields it will group on.