Name of directors

Hello. Actors are for me less important than directors. It looks like names of directors do not appear automatically and have to be added manually. Furthermore their name do not appear under the title in any view but the “list” view. It’d be cool to have it at least when “vertical cards” is on. Thanks for your feedback.

These should definitely be there automatically, straight from IMDb.
Let’s look at that first. Can you give me some example movies where it does not show the Director automatically?

Also how are you adding your movies? Looking at your account, I see many of your movies are not linked to Core, which would explain why these would not have cast or crew automatically.

Late reply, sorry… My mistake: directors’ names are actually there for most movies though there are a few missing but it’s manageable. Most are from DVDs of obscure movies (e.g. “La Rose écorchée”, “Le Miroir Obscène” by Jess Franco), or slightly more famous (e.g. “La Rue de la Honte” ("Street of Shame in English), which was directed by Akira Kurosawa. Again, it is manageable.

To add movies I’ve added them from an export file from Delicious Library 3.

In short, not a major issue with the Directors whose names are indeed added. Sorry. But I would love to have an option to see them when “vertical cards” is on, exactly like it is on Book Connect. Thanks for your feedback on this.