Neil Adams

I thought I would look at my Neil Adams comics but when I looked him up under Artist I got a load of modern comics he didn’t draw!

Any ideas why?

Which folder field are you using to find Neil Adams?

If you’re using the “Creators” foldergrouping, then he might be listed as a different creator for those comics?

I selected Artists.

Could it be you are looking to find all comics he worked on as “Cover Artist” ? If so, make sure to use “Cover Artist” as your folder field (not “Artist”).

Let me know?

No. I simply chose Artist.

He isn’t cover artist for these recent issues.

It seems to be a bug but CLZ ignore me and tell me to use this group.

What is going on with CLZ and why can’t we raise concerns to them about OUR app?

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What? CLZ is ignoring you? Why are you saying that?
We ARE trying to help you here, right?

This IS the Club CLZ forum, run by the CLZ people.
CLZ_AJ who answered you above IS one of the CLZ people.

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Glad to have your help Alwin!

I thought this was only viewed by members and not CLZ staff.

So why does selecting artist not work ?

It should be able to list by any artist.


Can you try Creator folders, instead of Artist?

Does that work better?

Yes, that produced 63 comics but still included some modern (DC #1000) issues as you can see. These don’t mention Neil Adams so don’t know why they appear.

You say that issue does not mention Neal Adams.
Can you tap that DC #1000 comic issue and check the creator list there? That should really list Neal Adams.

And… that is correct, he IS one of the creators of that comic:


Hi Alwin

My apologies! Neal Adam’s appears if you press view all!

Not sure why creator throws up more issues than artist but happy to get this result!


Creator folders use ANY creator role.
Artist folders would show only the entries where the person is listed as the “ARTIST” role, so you would miss entries where he is Cover Artist, or Inker, or Penciler, or Writer, etc…

Oh and a quick tip about this forum: all users with a “CLZ_ …” forum name are actual CLZ crew members.

Ok thanks Alwin

It took me a bit to realize you are my old friend Nigel Homewood :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Club CLZ forum!


Ha ha ha!

Appreciate the help.