New choice for collection status

Wondering if it is possible to add a new collection status to provide the below functionality.

would like to see a status something like “no current interest”.
with that status, the listing of the comic would be in my database, but would indicate it is not a comic that I have any interest of owning … and when searching for issues of a comic (in a series for instance), the search would recognize those records do not have to be added to the database.
this would help manage comics with multiple variants.

currently “Not in collection” is the only status that I use to indicate that I have no interest in these comics (for instance, I might have variant issue 1A – in collection; but do not want variant issues 1B through 1Z – so those 25 comics are given the “not in collection status”) … however, everytime I check that series for new comics, anything that has a “not in collection” status is shown in the new comics search again.

While the addition of that status would be the best solution, I realize there be many concerns about doing that …
alternatively could there be a checkbox option (like the variant checkbox), that could be updated AND show up in the add new comic dialogs (like the variant and owned checkboxes) and be used to restrict those comics shown in the add new comic dialog … ?


I would recommend to use a Tag for that.

I understand there are several ways I can track the issues for my purposes, (and currently do so with a user-defined field) but I really would like to not have those issues show up in the add comics dialog (as well as all of the other functionality that is driven by collection status) … unless there is some way to incorporate tags into that dialog that I am not aware of.