New Comic Book Day, week 2: 389 new releases!

Yep, your favorite (and most expensive?) day of the week again: New Comic Book Day. Lots of opportunities to spend more money today, with 172 new issues and a total 389 new releases when counting all variants.

Rowdy, Justin and Taco just finished adding all 389 new releases to our Core online comic database. All entries have been made as complete as possible, with the actual cover art, variant descriptions, creator information (with correct Cover Artists listed for all variants), etc… etc…

New issues for big titles:

These are the new issues for the most popular titles:

  • Wolverine, Vol. 7 #41
  • Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #15
  • Action Comics, Vol. 3 #1061
  • Miguel O’Hara: Spider-Man 2099 #2
  • Star Wars, Vol. 3 (Marvel) #42
  • Transformers (Image) #4

Most variants

And this week, the prize for the most variants goes to:
Ultimate Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #1, with 25 variants, listed from 1A to 1Y!

New series:

Many new issues #1 for new series this week:

  • Ultimate Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #1 with 25 Variants
  • Rise of the Powers of X #1 with 10 Variants
  • Giant-Size Spider-Man 2024 #1 with 3 Variants
  • Adventureman: Ghost Lights #1 with 1 Variant
  • Zorro: Man of the Dead #1 with 8 Variants
  • Rebel Moon: House of the Blood Axe #1 with 6 Variants
  • Acid Chimp Vs Business Dog #1 with 1 Variant
  • Gretel: Dark Impulses #1 with 4 Variants

Cool new exclusives:

Our picks of some cool new exclusive variants:

  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Vol. 2 #8E: David Nakayama Exclusive Variant
  • The Madness #6D: Michael McComb Exclusive Variant
  • Ultimate Spider-Man, Vol. 2 #1R: Marco Mastrazzo Exclusive Variant


What you getting to read?
What you getting to speculate on?

Transformers 4
Green Lantern 7
Speed Force 3
Earth Divers 14
King Spawn 29
Blade 7
Fables 161

All for reading for me.

Just Rebel Moon for me. I enjoyed the Movie.

As an Nakayama and Artgerm fan, I’m looking forward to getting my copies of the The Mandalorian and Rebel Moon (got the foil and sketch variants)!