New Comic Book Day, week 28: 470 new releases!

Hurray, it’s New Comic Book Day. This week we have 470 new releases for 205 new unique issues.

In the current world of X-Men, Krokoa is no more. In issue #1 of the brand new ongoing series X-Men, Vol. 6 we follow the new adventures of the team, with Cyclops leading them into new adventures.

Issue #40 of Ice Cream Man is the second part of a hard-hitting story involving a family, two truck drivers and a deadly car crash.

And last but not least, Vampirella is listed in TWO different series this week: Vampirella: Dark Reflections #2 and Vampirella, Vol. 7 #670. I bet they are both compelling stories you can really sink your teeth into.

The CLZ content team (Rowdy, Justin and Taco) have just finished adding and updating all these new releases in our Core online comic database, complete with cover images, cover artists, variant descriptions, etc…. All you need to do is open your Add Comics screen and start scanning barcodes.

OR, use the NCBD tab in your Add Comics screen to see all new releases in one place!

Highlights for NCBD week 28

New issues for big titles:

These are the new issues for the most popular titles:

  • Action Comics, Vol. 3 #1067
  • Daredevil, Vol. 8 #11
  • Transformers (Image) #10
  • The Avengers, Vol. 9 #16
  • Spider-Boy, Vol. 1 #9
  • Green Lantern, Vol. 8 #13

Most variants

Vampirella: Dark Reflections #2, with 23 variants, listed from 2A to 2Y!

New series:

And here are all the issues #1 for new series this week:

  • X-Men, Vol. 6 #1 with 20 variants
  • Star Wars: Ahsoka #1 with 15 variants
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 40th Anniversary Comics Celebration #1 with 18 variants
  • Kid Venom #1 with 9 variants
  • Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1 with 6 variants
  • From the World of Minor Threats: Barfly #1 with 6 variants
  • The Exiled (WhatNot) #1 with 6 variants
  • Daisychain Dark Desires: Part 1 #1 with 5 variants
  • Liquid Kill #1 with 5 variants
  • Hulk: Blood Hunt #1 with 4 variants
  • Rick And Morty 10th Anniversary Special #1 with 4 variants
  • From The DC Vault: Death In The Family: Robin Lives #1 with 3 variants
  • Gatchaman: Galactor #1 with 3 variants
  • Giant-Size Silver Surfer #1 with 3 variants
  • Kill All Immortals #1 with 3 variants

Cool new exclusives:

Our picks of some cool new exclusive variants:

  • Transformers (Image) #10G: Mico Suayan Exclusive Variant
  • Star Wars: Ahsoka #1N: Takashi Okazaki Exclusive Variant (Ltd. 3000)
  • X-Men, Vol. 6 #1V: Alex Ross Exclusive Variant

The TMNT books are listed incorrectly in the app. Alpha came out a few weeks ago. This week was the 40th anniversary with 11 covers and 1 convention exclusive. I think the issues in the app are some alpha variants.

Just fixed it this morning. Thank you for posting!