New Field


Would it be viable to add a new field for information?
I remember from when I used the windows version, that we had a “user defined” field, where we could put whatever.
Is it possible or even viable to add this to connect as well?

The reason I think it would be interesting is, since we don’t have fields for credits, we could this new field for this purpose (or whatever people might find a use for).
I would like to have a field to add “key people”, for exemple: Hideo Kojima on Metal Gear Games… Keiji Inafune for Mega Man games and etc…

And yes, I know that would be possible to use a Tag feature for this, but it’s not the same.

We are planning to bring the User Defined Fields feature to Connect too. This has been on our to-do list for quite a while. We are hesitant to start this project because it is going to be quite complex and time consuming, especially if we decide to make the UDFs sync.
Hopefully we will get to this project in 2024 :slight_smile:


I use to create a User defined field, to indicate when I have multiple copies, what platforms the extra copies are on (Steam, GOG, Epic) etc…but I had to rebuild my windows install and unfortunately User Defined Fields are not saved on Connect, since I lost my local DB , I lost that info.
Now I just use Tags to indicate the additional platforms since these will get saved on Connect even if I lose my local DB and backup. It would be a great bonus though eventually if User Defined fields could be restored through syncing with Connect in the future.