New free 100 plan

I received an update notice on my iPhone and have a question. I have the lifetime subscription grandfathered in and don’t need the newer subscription method as I have Books Connect and only use iOS once in awhile as faster than logging in. I have way more than 100 books.

If I install update will it change to needing a subscription?

Hi @Lar
If you are grandfathered in, the app will just keep working like it did before with your grandfathered status. So no you won’t need a subscription.

The new “Free Mode” is for any new user who would like to use (or try) the app up to a 100 books for free.

Hello. I have recently tried CLZ Movies for a week, but didn’t subscribe. After updating my account says it’s in Free Mode but I can’t sync to cloud.


It look like you were trying the app when it was still with 7-day free trial. It has recently changed, so the system doesn’t “understand” your account right now.

The fix will be easy:

  1. Open your Play or App Store and search for CLZ Movies, and see if you can update the app to the latest version
  2. Open CLZ Movies, and top left tap the menu and then your account name - and log out
  3. Now, start “Free Mode” from the menu top left.
  4. Now, log in with your CLZ Account again.

You should now be able to sync and use the app in Free Mode with 100 movies.

Let me know how you go!

Thank you. App is updated, I have logged out but I can’t find the free mode.

Can you post a screenshot with the menu open, top left?

Thank you! Indeed, that is wrong.

Looking into this now, I will post back here when I have further information,

Thank you very much

@machinemaker12 can you try logging into your CLZ Account again with the app, and see what happens in your menu then? (I made some modifications in your account)

I’m trying but can’t remember password. It’s written down at home but I’m at work

I’m hesitant to reset it as I don’t want it to disrupt any of my other CLZ products

If you reset your password, you just have to enter the new password in your other CLZ apps - it won’t disrupt them.

Okay, I’m in lol. What next?

Great! Did the “subscription status” change in your menu when you logged in?

It says Expired, but I am now able to sync. Thanks again for your help.