New in Comic Connect: Jump to Issue feature (aka “the sniper button”)

A common situation for most users of the Comic Connect web-app: finding a specific issue in your comic database. Up till now, the way to do this was: first find the series (using the search box top right, or the search box above the series folder list), then just scroll down the issue list to find the issue you were looking for. It worked, but could take some time, especially for series with lots of issues.

So to avoid the annoying scrolling part, we created a new “Jump to Issue” feature (aka “the sniper button”)

Jump to Issue button

While in a series (select a series in the folder panel, or search for it using the search top right), just click the new Jump to Issue button (aka “the sniper button”) above the list, enter a number and click “Jump!”. Then it will instantly scroll down to that specific issue and select it.

Note: the sniper button is only available within a Series folder and when sorted by Series / Issue Number!

See it in action here:

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Super cool feature. This site & CLZ are THE BEST.

I have my folders showing Series, made a specific Series/Issue Nr sort but the sniper button is not showing up for me.

I changed it to Series / Issue for you and it shows up now.

I’m sorry to say it’s still not showing the icon.



No Sniper Button

You need to be within a series folder, could that be it?

Im having trouble seeing it. Im in series folder and series/ issue number but i dont see it.

I logged into your account and selected a series and I instantly see the button:

Whatever you did. It shows up now. Thanks!

I was in a series folder. But I do see it now.

Does this button only show when in Series/Issue Nr sorting? It seems to be the case but wanted to confirm.

Yes indeed, that is true.

Roger that! Thank you :slight_smile: