New in Movie Connect: Improved search behaviour

In today’s update, we improved the behaviour after searching using the search box top right. Previously, when you selected a movie from the “suggestions dropdown”, the software would take you to a separate full screen page showing the details of that movie. This behaviour was a bit annoying as it would take you away from the main screen and you needed to click “Back” on the top left to get back to it. Also, the main screen would then show you the full collection again and would be scrolled back at the top again. Meh…

That is now a thing of the past. As of today, when picking a result from the suggestions dropdown, it will stay in the main and will instantly scroll to and select that movie in the list panel. And of course, the full details will appear in the details panel.

Of course, this only works when you are actually using a Layout that includes the details panel in the main screen. In other words, in Settings, under Main Screen Layout, you need to be in “Horizontal Split” or “Vertical Split” layout. In general, we would recommend against using the “No Details” layout, as it causes a lot of annoying back and forth between main screen and details screen.

See the new search behaviour in action: