New movie

Why cant you disable the seen movie ore hide movie

Which product are you referring to?
Also what would you like to disabled exactly?

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clz movie
so you dont has to evry time you get a new movie has to hit seen it ore not seen it so it is gone for good like it is now i has to do it evry time i get a movie i can remove the buttom but not the funktion

Are you referring to the Pre-fill screen?
If so, you can remove it from there yourself, with the gears icon at the bottom.

its the seen it can you disable that

Sorry, but you really have to be more precise.
WHERE exactly would you like to disable that?

Under statistik

But first. you said:

So that sounded like you were talking about having to set the Seen It field during adding.

But now it is about Statistics? I am lost.

How do you do so you dont has to unmark that all the time