New series with The in title

I have noticed recently when adding new comics via the barcode some of the newer titles that start with The are being listed under T with “The” being listed as part of the title. The ones I have noticed are Punisher Vol.14, The Incredible Hulk Vol. 4, The Sensational She-Hulk Vol. 2 and The Sentry Vol 3. Of the 4 titles Punisher is the only one that does not have the word “The” on the cover but all four do not include “The” in the indicia.

@timeman1 I see and understand your point.

We try to keep a consistency in Core with how we list ongoing series, rather than go with how publishers (re)name their series on the frontcover or in the indicia.

I hope this answered your question.

In any case, regardless of the indicia, none of them should be SORTED under T.
I checked our Core, but all of these series have a correct SORT NAME without “The”.
So these series should really not sort under T.

(unless you have your Settings set to “Ignore Series Sort Names”)

I definitely don’t have Ignore Series Sort Names set in my settings. I checked that setting and it is unchecked. I rescaned Punisher Vol. 14 # 3 in and it still puts it under The Punisher Vol. 14 under T for “The”. I am using the Windows version of Collector. Here is a screen shot showing what it shows when I add Punisher Vol. 14 #3.

In that case, I recommend either:

  • Update from Core on those issues, having it REPLACE the Series field.
  • use the Manage Pick Lists screen, then Series list, to manually edit the sort names of those series to remove the “The” part