Next sale?

Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the software… I waited for black friday sales last year, but there wasn’t any iirc. How often do the apps go on sale these days?

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Sorry, we do not have any sales planned.

Thanks Alwin, yeh I see now that the desktop software is to be effectively discontinued.
My databases are loaded with custom content… so I’ll likely end up using both desktop & online versions moving forward.

My software is over a year out of date… it would great to at least get access to the latest versions without having to fork out for yearly subscriptions since no further updates are planned… any chance a cheaper or alternative method could be offered for existing customers to aquire the final builds?

I too, had been waiting for a sale for the longest time. At first I thought it was an invaluable tool. But it is worth $40 a year? I can live without it. They’ve officially priced me out of their customer base. Time to find an alternative.

What kind of custom content?
What part of that would not be possible in Connect?

That sounds like you are assuming the subscription is only for updates. That is not the case.
The desktop software, just like Connect, is subscription software. You need a subscription to use the software, to use our CLZ Core, to use our CLZ Cloud.

Looking at your account, you are referring to Comic Collector, right?
Hint: Seems like you are grandfathered in, so basically, the software will keep working even if you don’t renew.

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I use the Core/Cloud for movie/comic collector for quick entry, with a few custom fields… but Game Collector gets by far the most use and is almost entirely custom, no core use at all.
All custom entries, many added platforms, icons & graphics, many custom fields, custom genres & subgenres, custom details panel… every entry has links to local files etc… and I use it to catalog other software such as apps, tools and even demoscene related content. The software is fantastic for this.

Tbh I can live without the core, the software updates are the main reason I’ve renewed subscription over the years.

Okay, and what part of all that cannot be done with Connect?

Is it possible to import my database into connect?
If so I’ll have a look at the trial version

Of course, just sync it to the CLZ Cloud.

Wait, you have never tried Connect yet?
So where did your assumptions about about customizations and Core come from?
Anyway, no need to try Connect, I already know it is not going to work for you (because of UDFs and local file links).
But of course custom entries, added platform, custom cover images, custom genres ARE possible in Connect.

Wait, what makes you think I’d already tried it? :laughing:

Connect is web-based… I figured it was a fairly safe assumption.

Yes… that was my assumption :laughing:

Ok that’s good to know.
Honestly, with Movie/Comic/Book it would be a fairly easy transition to Connect for me, once UDF’s are implemented…
My Game database however clearly needs to remain local.

Because you seemed to have concluded already that Connect couldn’t do most customizations.